QualiNet Company
QualiNet Company

QualiNet Company, located in Hillsborough, North Carolina, is
owned and operated by Allan Green.  QualiNet provides
consulting and solution development for small businesses, specializing in web-based client-server systems utilizing open-source database technology.  We also do problem identification and resolution for office systems  and networks, and have expertise with most common office applications.  

QualiNet also provides training in software development technology
, IT
process management, and IT business planning.
  Courses are available in OO Programmin with Java or  C++, OO Design and Development using the Unified Modeling Approach (UML), and Client Server programming with Java and C++.  

For companies needing development and implementation, QualiNet does contract programming in Java, C++, VB, Smalltalk, and PHP on
multiple platforms.    

If your business can benefit from our wide range of experience and skills, please contact us.